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Front Yard Garden Design Tips

An attractive front yard garden design is an important aspect of any home. The front yard is usually the first observation anyone can ever make of your home and all that most people ever see. Choosing a front yard garden design which expresses the homeowner’s style will make the space in the front yard usable and enjoyable.
The most appealing front yard garden designs will make good use of plants which are native or common to the area. These plant will grow better, longer, and tie in with the rest of the neighborhoods plants, which can help the entire neighborhood look better. A lilac bush wouldn’t fare too well in Arizona for example nor would a palm tree in Maine.

Choosing how to border the lawn is also important, some people prefer the look of a fence while others like the softer look of a hedge to set their front lawn apart from the others in the neighborhood. Some front yard garden designs will also combine the two ideas with a lattice work fence and a beautiful climbing flowering plant.

Also when deciding on the best plants for a front yard garden design, one should consider the required maintenance for these plants. Busy people will not be happy living with a high maintenance garden and people who love to get their hands dirty would be bored with a front lawn designed with more brick and “living space” than plant life.

What Does It Look Like

This phrase has been coined in many instances; in this application however it is highly appropriate. If a you are going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars purchasing a beautiful home, why not go the extra mile and turn an average front lawn of green grass into an enjoyable front yard garden designed to be used not just walked through.

Choosing beautiful trees, plants, and flooring will make the area seem more like a park entrance to the home than a boring grass lawn with a forgotten bicycle left by the steps. More over a water feature, fountain, furniture, night time lighting and bird feeders can add another element of beautiful practicality to your front yard garden design.

The border you choose can be as functionary or whimsical as you like. A trestle growing with beautiful honey suckle at the side walks connecting the drive way or main sidewalk to the front yard garden design’s walking path is a special touch to separate the rest of the world from the sanctuary of your home. Imagine what you want and speak to a professional landscaper and working together your vision can come true.



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