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The Perfect Garden Vegetable Design

So you want to have your own vegetable garden. Decisions, decisions. First you need to decide where to place your garden if you haven‘t already done so. The placement of your garden is the most important part. You want to choose a place that gets plenty of sunlight and you want to make sure that your garden is big enough for the one that you have in mind. Once you have your spot picked out and your seeds in hand, it’s time to design the perfect vegetable garden. Secondly you need to decide what kind of vegetables you want to have in your garden. You have to decide how many of each variety you want to include.
Birds Love Tomatoes and Raccoons Will Love Your Corn

I don't care where you put your garden the critters are sure to follow so choosing the right spot is important. When deciding on a spot for your vegetable garden, pick a spot near your house or at least where you can keep an eye on it. You shouldn’t be worried too much about people coming into your garden and messing things up but you want to be especially worried about rodents, pests and other animals who might see your vegetable garden design as some help yourself buffet. Once you have your plot picked out, you might want to line it with chicken wire to keep it safe from those same pests.

Having the right size garden is important as you want to make sure that your plants have enough room to grow and flourish. When creating your vegetable garden design, you want to make sure that each seed is placed at least six inches apart. Any less than that and you risk overcrowding, which means that your vegetable garden may not produce as much as you hope.

When you have the spot picked out and you deem it large enough for all the vegetables that you plan to sow, make lines in the soil with your finger or a garden tool. These lines should lead the long ways across the garden, at least six inches apart as stated above. Once you have the lines in the soil drawn, drop your seeds into the divots that you made, again about six inches apart. Cover the holes with soil and water thoroughly. If you wish, you can insert some plant food sticks that you can get at your local home and garden store to give them the extra nutrients they need to grow big and strong.

Make sure you water your vegetable garden thoroughly every day and keep a close eye on it. The most important part of your vegetable garden design is proper maintenance. By paying attention to your plants, you will begin to notice when they are in need of certain things, such as water, certain nutrients and even sunlight.

There really is no wrong vegetable garden design. As long as your garden produces and you get the vegetables you set out to grow, you have the perfect vegetable garden design. The perfect vegetable garden design is about you and what you are looking for whenever you break ground to plant your seeds and watch them grow. Some people simply love growing things where others love eating what they have grown. Some love both.



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