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What Is A Good Herb Garden Landscaping Design?

Choosing the right herbs for your herb garden landscaping design is very personal decision that requires thought and planning with the desired outcome of the garden in mind. This is a very basic gardening theory but a good one think of a single intent for the garden and build from that. The atmosphere of your herb garden is created by its informal or formal layout, dominance of colors and the plants themselves.

People have used herbs for thousands of years in their everyday lives from medicine to seasonings We have used herbs from the beginning. Today people sometimes take inspiration from older herb garden landscape designs to create something new from a classic idea.

The Chef

Common herbs like sage, parsley, garlic, rosemary, oregano, chives, and mint have many lovely qualities that can be enjoyed outside of cooking. A culinary herb garden landscape design can combine the beauty of the outdoors with their passion for cooking.

Herbs can make a fragrant border to a lawn and a beautiful ground covering for gardens. Combining vegetables, flowers, and herbs in one garden bed can make a very beautiful and interesting garden area.

One way to accomplish this type of herb garden landscaping design is to grow things together which are used together. Bell peppers, tomatoes, and basil all like the full sun and plenty of water, the three plants will grow well together. Mint, lemon balm, and impatients can all be grown together in the shade for a beautiful accent under a porch or flowering shrub.

Using Medicinal Herbs

For thousands of years people have used herbs for medicinal purposes, once people started cultivating the most useful herbs, herb garden landscaping design was born. People would often have two separate herb collections, one which was grown towards the back of their property for herbs that would be dried and stored. A second herb garden was often grown closer to a person’s home to be used as needed.


Aromatic Herbs

Herb garden landscaping designs are ideally suited for aromatherapy. People may enjoy the tranquil effects of herbs and combinations of herbs simply by sitting in a comfortable chair, hammock, or swing in their herb garden.

Aroma-therapists can plant complimentary herbs together to form the best combinations for mood enhancement. One form of herb garden landscaping design is to plant herbs in beds according to a need or aesthetic appeal. This type of container gardening is also ideally suited for aromatherapy.

Sage is very aromatic; parsley is beautiful, garlic flowers and grows easily in most areas. Rosemary is also very aromatic, oregano is another herb that makes a nice bushy ground covering and chives will flower as well.

Lavender for example is a very common aromatherapy herb; it can be planted alone for some purposes and can be planted with other herbs in a container to achieve a specific blend of herbs. You can learn more about aromatic herbs and aroma therapy by clicking here.

Going To Seed Might Be A Good Thing

Many herb garden landscaping designs are inspired by people’s pure enjoyment of the herb they grow. Using decorative accessories, garden benches, statues and pots can stimulate curiosity, amusement and memories. An anonymous writer once said that a garden should be; a place where the mind goes to seed.


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