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Coming Up with a Home Garden Design

Ever wonder about the secrets used by the landscape designer? Well, I hope to remove some of those secrets and make it more understandable.

What Kind of Garden?

In order to better focus your efforts at home garden design, you should start by getting an idea of what sort of garden you want to have. Are you looking to grow fresh herbs and vegetables for your family to eat? Then your home garden design is going to be more concerned with the crops you plan to grow in your garden. Do you want something that’s beautiful to behold? Then your plans will be more concerned with planting groupings of decorative plants. Keep in mind that some home garden designs can incorporate both, beauty and usefulness.

Designing Isn’t Difficult

Whenever you put something together yourself, you are engaged in designing, however humble the project. Sometimes we take our designing skills for granted, because what we're putting together is so commonplace for us that we are no longer conscious of the designing process.

When you write a letter to someone you are making use of design techniques. Your basic ground rules to accomplish such a task include vocabulary, spelling and grammar. Somewhat more complex elements form directly on the basic elements. Your success with these principles will largely determine whether or not your letter achieves its ultimate objective. This is the same with landscape design. You must first learn the basic designing elements that underlie the discipline of landscape design. These fundamental elements will then serve as building blocks for learning and implementing the more advanced principles for designing a garden in the backyard. These tried and true principles are the cornerstones of your picture perfect garden.

Stop And Sketch It Out

When you are working on your home garden design, it’s best to with a sketch. Start out by sketching an outline of your yard and where you want to place your garden. Then you can start filling in shapes for what you want to plant and where. This helps if you’re trying to define a garden along a particular line or to interact with other elements in your yard, such as benches or patios. By sketching out the shape of your garden beforehand, you’ll better be able to plan what to plant where.

Where To Get Help

Once you have the basic idea for your home garden design, your best bet is to talk to your local gardening club, plant nursery, or even a landscaping professional to learn what sort of plants will work well for your design. Even if you already have an idea of what plants you want to choose, running your idea by someone else will allow you to get advice on other plants that will complement your design, or allow you to catch any mistakes before you start planting.

It’s similar to getting a second draft for a piece of writing. As long as you work with the idea of creating a beautiful home garden design, and you put in the work necessary to accomplish this you’re likely to end up with something that adds to the beauty of your yard and the value of your home.


Gardening can be a great hobby, enjoyed informally by tending to a few plants in your yard on the weekends. Some people, however, want to create something bigger, a true garden where they try to demonstrate the green thumb that they possess. In these cases, it helps to have a plan for your home garden design so you can create something that has a little more definition that the average flowerbed. Home garden design can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, and a great home garden design can be a guide to working on a beautiful garden.


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